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03 August 2008 @ 05:20 pm
Okay so update now! 

Last Friday August 1st was the last day of my YSP class that lasted 3 weeks. I was sad for it to end since I got to learn so much, and meet such great, interesting, new people. Though I do know we will all keep in touch from the class indeed. The program we did as our final on Friday was a great success despite the fact, it was dedicated in memory of a sixteen-year old who had passed away the day before. Iced Coffee will always be known by us from the program as the group who was made during the 3 week class. 

Today is my grandpa's birthday. So happy birthday Pop-pop!! 

My college orientation is tomorrow and Tuesday so that should be interesting. Especially since it is 2 days and I have to spend the night on campus between the two days. Hopefully, I get to sign up for some interesting classes this fall semester. 

Also, happy birthday to one of my best friends and sisters to me, Krystal, whose birthday is this coming friday!!!!

Also, I happen to have catched a cold on the last day of class, so yeah I'm sick now. Hopefully I will be better soon.
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