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17 March 2010 @ 08:22 pm
Title: Leap Year
Rating: PG for now, M later on
Word Count: 868

Prompt: monthly romp at ncis_temptation
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Summary: Ziva decides to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in fashion at work.

So I noticed this prompt and I couldn't pass it up. This is the first time I have ever written anything like this. Just to let you all know there will be at least one more part to this story, but I wanted to get at least the first part up for St. Patrick's Day. Being part Irish, I couldn't resist.


Tony knew that some colors would look great on Ziva, but he had not planned to see Ziva dressed out for St. Patrick’s Day. For someone who isn’t Irish, the idea of wearing anything green on this holiday almost never occurred to Tony’s observations, at least not until now.

It was the Friday before St Patrick’s Day, and the team was assigned weekend duty for the first time since they skipped out the weekend of the tragic deaths of Paula and her team. Paula’s death still had a sobering effect on Tony because of how well the two got along since they first met on a case. No one had ever noticed how close Tony and Paula had gotten as friends outside the office because it was never talked about or ever mentioned by the rest of the team. Of course, Ziva could sense something had happened between Paula and Tony before her untimely death, but what had really happened she did not know. She thought it was time to find out.

So, Tony had always commented on the fact that you could never underestimate Ziva in whatever she would do, say, or wear any day of the week about any subject. When the Irish holiday came around, Ziva thought to surprise everyone decking out in an all green outfit.

Of course, Abby and McGee knew about her outfit choice beforehand and decided to keep Ziva’s secret to see for themselves—Tony’s reaction.
Tony knew Ziva wanted to get together for their old movie night date tonight, but she refused to let him know anything more about the plans except for he got to chose the movies.
Ziva felt the smirk form on her lips as she put on the finishing touches to her image.
Container of coffee cups and Caf-Pow in hand, she finally arrived to work. Abby was standing next to McGee with Tony sitting at his desk facing them leaning back in his chair. Gibbs had been coming back from his coffee run, so he rode the elevator with her—famous smirk on his face and a coffee cup in both hands (since she had gotten him one).

*Ding* Abs and McGee looked up to see if Ziva had arrived, yet was greeted by both her and Gibbs walking out with cups galore. Tony was talking on about some movie and didn’t notice they were not watching him anymore until Gibbs looked down at him, “Comfortable DiNozzo?”

“Boss, no” Tony replied straightening back up in his seat in time to come face to face with Ziva holding a coffee cup out to him.

“Ziva?” He looked at her with wide-saucer eyes before noticing McGee had a coffee cup; Abby, Caf-Pow; and Ziva had her tea.

“Yes Tony. Is there something wrong with the coffee?” Ziva said with a mischievous smile on her face. Tony could only stare at her unblinkingly until--*SMACK*

“Thanks Boss. I needed that.” Gibbs happier now, walked towards the Director’s office, “When I get back, you all better be working on those cold case files. Abby, don’t you have work to do in your lab?”

Abby turned on her feet and headed downstairs, “Don’t forget our lunch date Ziva!” she threw over her shoulder, “and thanks for the Caf-Pow.”

“I won’t,” Ziva replied as she patted McGee on the cheek before she went to sit at her desk. McGee smiled at her, “Thanks for the coffee Ziva.”

“No problem McGee. Think of it as a thank you.”

Tony drank his coffee as he watched Ziva and McGee, before turning to McGee questioning, “What did you do to or for our Probie?”

McGee refused to look at him yet he did reply, “I just helped her fix a problem she was having; nothing big.”

Tony turned to the Probie then. “Big date Zee-vah?”

“No,” she glared at him.

“What is your reasoning for your outfit choice then?” Tony wasn’t complaining, but was curious. The color did suit her wonderfully.

Ziva smiled her smile, “I felt like celebrating the holiday.”

“You aren’t Irish.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t wear green today.”

“No, but—“

“Ziva don’t let Tony annoy you. The color suits you. You look pretty,” McGee interrupted.

Ziva smiled at him, “I am glad you like the results. Thanks again for all the help Abby and you gave me yesterday.”

Gibbs came back then, “Ziva I want you to help Abby today. If we get a call, I will come get you if we need you. Otherwise stay in the lab today. Maybe then we can all get some work done.”

To be continued...

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Christina ^_^: ncis--Zivawritingherhope on March 24th, 2010 07:05 am (UTC)
This is cute! Can't wait for more!