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10 September 2008 @ 07:51 pm
New Friendships  
New Friendships

You always encounter
new people and places
in your life.

Starting high school
is just one example
of that.

I'm new but you weren't
you were around to
help me get settled in.
You helped me to be
able to feel comfortable
in my new surroundings.
I'm grateful for that~
mucho grateful.

Yet I haven't said why~
why or how we became friends?
Normally you can trust and have faith
in each other
and can easily talk to each other,
but that wasn't what
happened for you and me.
We both know that
our friendship is special.

We became friends
through our noncommunication
because one person
came between us
afraid of me being
lost because of you.

But we both know
that isn't true
for a reason.

Over the years our
friendship grew,
and it is still growing

We are starting
to get to know
each other better,
and we will for a while.

New friendships
take a long time
to adjust to
but they are
as special and unique
as your older ones
are in the end.

Never forget how
your friendships
became to be what
they are and
always cherish
them with all
your heart.

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